I created this website to document the build process of my 1991 Ford Mustang GT with a turbocharged 347 ci small block ford engine. My hope is to end up with a nicely documented build log (and a really fast car) but also maybe, even if only remotely, to help other Mustang enthusiasts, through my own trial and error, at undertaking such a project. I’m a technical person that likes to know how things work and therefore I like doing things myself. I don’t like paying a shop to do all the work for me!

I dont claim to know everything there is about Mustangs or these engines, nor do I pretend to. So keeping this in mind, this website is a journal, written by a person who is learning it as he goes. I am more than happy to take the advice of others, so if you
think you could help me and anyone else that visits the site, just shoot me an email or comment on the posts.