Well, for as much time and money as I have spent on the fabricated aluminum valve covers (as you may recall I had them anodized black) I finally decided to just remove them from the engine. My number one reason for doing this was clearance. They were too tall to fit next to the Tial wastegates so they had to go! I could have taken them to get the anodizing stripped and then taken it to an aluminum welder and have them clearanced to fit, then taken them back to the anodizer, but that would cost too much time and money to screw with. Instead I bought a set of standard height SBF TrickFlow valve covers from Summit Racing for $103 (Part # 51411801). They come already powdercoated black and without holes for the breather. This will allow me to custom locate a place for the -8AN weld bungs for the breather line.

EDIT: Below is a picture taken a few months after this log entry was created. It shows how well the valve covers look in the engine compartment: