I finally finished building the coil mount and figured out how to mount it in the engine bay. My first thought was to place it directly in the center of the firewall over the transmission, which would sort of hide the wiring and the mount itself behind the upper intake and allow the spark plug wires to just be reversed. Unfortunately, the coils height conflicted with the upper intake enough that it wouldn’t allow a plug wire to be plugged in. So the next logical step was to move it toward the passenger side of the firewall. This keeps the wiring short and hidden but also allows easy access to the plug wires. On the downside the plug wires now have no logical order since all the longer wires need to be used on the drivers side and the shorter length ones on the passenger side. Below are some pics after the mount was installed:

Try to ignore the rusted hex cap screws on the mounts (and yes that does piss me off). I took these pics after they had been mounted for about a month (remember when I accidentally deleted the pics). Im going to replace the rusted hardware with something less prone to looking like crap after its been exposed to moisture.