Now that the coils were done the only other thing I needed to wrap up as far as getting the engine to run was the fuel. A while back I installed the fuel tank and loosely positioned and ran the lines with zip ties just until I could get around to permanently mounting them. Now that I had the time I figured I would do it the right way. I starting by getting ahold of some rubber lined C-clamps to grip the lines and keep them from moving. Next I marked where I wanted to drill the holes to mount the clamps. I used some oversized heavy-duty pop rivets to keep them from going anywhere. Once I had all the lines situated I bought about 10 gallons of 93 octane and filled the tank.

I didnt notice any leaks so I brought out the laptop, hooked up the AEM, and turned the pump on manually from the software. As the pump ran I was continually listening and smelling. I found a few spots that needed to be tightend up so I took care of that and set the fuel pressure.

I thought I was done and moved on to working on a few other things. While doing that I could still smell fuel coming from somewhere! I didn’t see anything leaking but I also couldn’t track down where the smell was coming from. Turns out I have a very slow drip coming from the feed line to the pump. The problem is, even after tightening, it still wants to leak! The rate at which its doing it is about 1 drop every few minutes. I wouldnt normally care but the smell of fuel is still there and kind of bothersome. Its something I will have to take care of eventually but for now it will sit on standby…

One of the other things I have been working on is the alternator mount. More on the this later.