Its been a while since my last update so I’ll just give a quick summary of what I’ve been working on.

Over the Chirstmas break I decided since all my wiring was 95% done I would reinstall most of the interior. I decided I would change it from stock a little bit and perform a few personal touches while I was at it. First I installed the new black carpet from ACC. The original interior was a two-tone black and titanium grey, a very very common color combination from the factory. I wanted my argent silver painted roll cage to stand out more so I thought this would be a great start. On the one hand the carpet comes pre-molded to the factory floorpan with the jute backing and sound deadener pre-glued. On the other hand having a roll cage to trim around is a huge pain in the ass, especially with the jute backing and sound deadener pre-glued. I also had to cut out the location of the e-brake handle, which worked out OK except I took a little too much material on the driver side where the center console doesn’t quite cover. Its not really noticeable unless I point it out but its going to bother me because I know its there.

Next I purchased some interior ebony black paint from which is made specifically for the interior material and to match factory colors. I sprayed down everything (even the interior panels that were already black) to make sure it would all match. Then reinstalled the main dashboard and related pieces.

Next came the seats and harnesses which have been sitting in my house for 2 years collecting dust (and cat hair). They were easy to install with exception to the rear seat mounts. Here the convienent backing supplied with the carpet wasn’t allowing the seat nut to grab enough thread on the seat bolts. I had to cut out alot of the backing material while the carpet was already installed which is hard to do considering its underneath!! I eventually got them bolted down after alot of cursing. The harnesses went in pretty easy but my only complaint is the length. Because they are designed to be a universal fit they are very long. I have a good two to three feet of
belt material that isnt being used. I’ll have to trim it up somehow but Im not sure what the best way to do it without compromising the integrity. Last thing I need is a failed safety belt flying down the track at speed. Here are a few pics of the carpet/seats:

I also purchased two new guage cages for my AutoMeter guages. The first is the A-pillar guage pod for the 2 1/16″ diameter Ultalite series Boost/Vac and oil pressure guages. I went with this series because of the silver backplate and silver bezels which match the rollcage nicely. I went with this size because I think they look a a little better and dont take up as much space as the larger ones (I mention those below). See the pic below to see how they turned out:

The second guage cage was for the A/C vent, but rather than install it in its intended place I decided I would go lower and move it to the location of the A/C panel. This would set it apart from many of the other Mustangs out there, plus since there is no more A/C controls it was the natural choice. This cage holds 3 of the larger 2 5/8″ guages. For this one I am using oil temp, water temp, and fuel pressure. All three are elctronic full-sweep design (they use stepper motors to read the signals from small sending units), as opposed to the ones on the A-pillar which are mechanical. See below:

All in all I think it came out great! The Cobra T-56 shiftnob doesnt match the ebony black paint but its not too big a deal. I’m also going to hold off on the rear of the car for now. The hatch is still leaking water and I dont want to mess up new carpet until that gets taken care of. Other than that and a few very small details I’d say the interior is now functional enough to drive the car around.

Also during the break I was working on different settings with the AEM trying to troubleshoot some problems…