I’ve been talking about getting a 6 speed transmission for as long as I’ve owned the stang. But up until now its all been talk. On Monday I was glancing through one of my MM&FF magazines and I saw that ad from D & D Performance www.ddperformance.com for the T5 to T56 conversion for Fox body mustangs. They are pretty pricey, but I figured since I sold some of my old parts on eBay and made an extra $900, that I could use that cash to offset the cost. So I made the call and had one shipped out. Unfortunately I didnt have the extra funds to spring for the Viper-spec tranny (which adds an extra approx. 200 ft/lbs of torque capacity for a total of approx 600 ft/lbs and an additional $1000 to the price).

It arrived today at the freight depot all nicely crated. I could have paid the extra $50 for them to bring it to my house, but figured it was easier and cheaper to just get it myself.

As you can see above the 79-93 Mustang T56 kit includes Transmission, Bellhousing, Shifter, Crossmember kit, custom length driveshaft, and a longer speedo cable.

His name escapes me now, but the guy from D&D on the phone told me if I ever wanted to upgrade to stronger internals, like the ones in the Viper, that they could sell a kit with all the parts to do the swap. There are also a few other companies out there that sell upgraded internals. For example G-force www.gforcetransmissions.com. The prices are hefty but for power and reliability you have to pay.