Back in 1997 when I first started my college experience I was required to take a  basic ”guess-what-you-just-got-yourself-into” course called Computer Engineering 101. One of the skills we learned was how to program in HTML from scratch. Since that time I have always coded all my websites by hand, never wanting to mess with those new authoring tools because they don’t give me the control I need to customize my site. Unfortunately, as the site content grows it becomes more tedious to manage and I found myself avoiding updates because it was too much of a hassle. And forget sprucing up the site if it starts to look dated. With my schedule that could be a major 2 or 3 week job.

I decided enough was enough. Welcome to WordPress and 2010.

I know WordPress is more of a “blogging” tool but I’ve decided to use it anyway. I’ve never considered my site a blog because its not one of those things you can really update on a daily basis and provide useful information to the reader. I’ve always insisted on calling it a “build log” because at major milestones in the project I would record my progress. It may happen that my finances prevent me from really spending time on the Mustang for a few months. So, regardless what you want to call it, I now have an authoring software that allows me to document my progress.

We’ll see how it goes!