Like I said in my last update: Updates to the website have been horrible! This month I tried to tackle the whole DIS thing. I spoke with Henry at AEM tech support about the new AEM twin-fire CDI (Capacitive Discharge Ignition) box and how it interacts with ignition coils. I was confused
on whether or not I would need ignitors in my setup. He insists with the new ignition box and some 2 connection, 2 post coils, like GM DIS coils, that I should be fine. The reason for these coils is first because the AEM only has 4 coil outputs, which pretty much requires a waste spark ignition setup right there, and also because these coils do not have ignitors built-in. In general, he said coils with 3 or more connections usually have built-in ignitors and are more advanced, like the single coil per cylinder LS2 coils. Below is a picture of the GM DIS coils:

So, I bought the 4-channel AEM twin-fire box from Summit and 4 GM DIS coils from Jegs. The AEM cost about $300 and the coils another $120. They arrived a few days ago and I immediately dove into the manual to figure out wiring and firing order. Following the standard 5.0 HO motor firing order of 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8 and the AEM twin-fire (+540V) wiring instructions, I end up with the following coil pairs:
Coil 1: Fires 1,6
Coil 2: Fires 3,5
Coil 3: Fires 7,4
Coil 4: Fires 2,8
Remember, because its waste spark, when the EMS says to fire cylinder 1, coil 1 is triggered which fires both cylinder 1 and 6. Because cylinder 6 is on its exhaust stroke it doesn’t matter that the spark made it to that cylinder, hence the waste of a spark. Below is a pic of the AEM twin-fire after I cut the power wiring to length to prepare it for mounting:

So now that I have my pairs I decided to test fit the coils and plug wires to find a place to mount them. Since each coil has a cylinder it services on each side of the engine, I need to keep all 4 coils together in the middle. Intuitively this means either keeping the same stock length spark plug wires running to where the distribitor USED to be, or flipping the wires lengths and moving them to the rear of the block. Until I build the mount for the coils this can be decided on later. As a side note – I personally dont like how bulky the 4 coils look together but since I would still like to keep using the Livewires I purchased a while back that will be the plan for now. For now I don’t want to get involved with custom length wires. That can be done later if need be.

I ordered some aluminum off of eBay so I can start on the mounting. As soon as it comes in, I will start some fabbing! More on this later.