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AEM arrived!

I have been searching for the best, most cost effective engine management solution for months. After examining all the options the only real solutions (that apply to my situation) were either, 1) a user programmable piggyback to the stock computer or 2) a stand alone engine management system. The first option is OK, but no matter how sophisticated the piggyback module may be, its still limited to the speed of the stock computer. Without geeking out and being completely technical let me explain why. The stock computer runs at a certain speed which is sufficient enough for a stock engine, but not so much for a performance engine. Think of the speed I’m refering to as how frequently the computer can react or update itself based on the feedback it receives from the sensors. Obviously the faster it can process feedback the more efficient the engine will be, which potentially results in an increase in performance. The stand alone unit actually replaces the stock computer and is faster, more configurable, and all around better for my setup in every way. Trent the founder of along with many of the other site users have had great success with AEM Electronics products, most noteably the AEM EMS (Engine Management System). After months of contemplating the idea last week I decided to just buy it.

I purchased the AEM EMS (which is above on the left) along with the dual channel UEGO controller (which is above on top of the EMS) from Mental Addiction Motorsports out in AZ. They sponsor so I got a very good deal. I also bought an AEM Injector Driver box (above on the right) from Summit Racing to drive the 83# Semens/Deka low impedance injectors
I bought. More on the injectors later.

The UEGO controller is another stand alone unit which provides air/fuel ratio information to the EMS. The unit comes with two brand new Bosch sensors with bungs which allow them to be welded to the pipes. The air/fuel ratio is essential to running a tuned engine and basically indicates how rich or lean the engine is running in regards to fuel. This particular UEGO is a dual channel unit which allows me to monitor both exhaust downpipes simultaneously. The box is small enough that I was able to just mount it using the supplied velcro to the top of the EMS box (see below):

The mount I am using is simply the modified air bag mount which originally was affixed to the dashboard frame, underneath the dashboard surface, above the internal radio boxes. The Injector driver box will be simply mounted underneath the dashboard against the firewall.

Intercooler & other parts

The new 6 core intercooler came today. Holy crap is this thing huge. Mike from Cartech wasnt joking when he said there will be no room under that front bumper. The finished core measures 6″ deep by (going by memory here) 27″ long by 13″ tall. For reference I took a pic of the turbo in front of the intercooler so you can get an idea how big it is:

A few other misc. parts came today; nuts and bolts, some braided line with fittings, and the Holley 75mm throttle body. Now that the TB is here I assembled the two halves of the upper Trick Flow Box-R intake. I wasnt very happy with how the two pieces line up (or should I say don’t line up). The surface where the two meet is exposed on 2 sides and painfully obvious against the black powdercoat. More importantly the TB doesnt sit perfectly flush with the mating surface on the intake. The gasket helps a little bit with this but its not how I want it. I’ll probably end up throwing some RTV in the gap. We’ll see if this holds up…


No thats not the money flying at a high rate of speed out of my wallet (although it kind of sounds like that) its the pair of brand new Precision TE-44 turbos! All I can say is :D !!!

Specs are as follows:

Precision Turbo Part number: TE-44

Compressor wheel diameter: 44mm
Compressor wheel inducer: 2.290″
Compressor wheel exducer: 2.950″
Compressor wheel trim: 60
Compressor inlet/outlet size: 3″/2″
CHRA (Center Housing Rotating Assembly): 360 degree thrust bearing
Turbine housing: T4
Turbine wheel style: T31
Turbine inducer: 2.559″
Turbine exducer: 2.228″
Turbine trim: 76

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