Well, yesterday I left work a little early to go pick up my assembled short block. They’ve had the engine for quite some time, but in truth it doesnt feel like its been gone for so long, mostly because I was on the phone with Brian, say once every two weeks. I also told them I wanted them to take thier time and get it done right, that way they weren’t rushed along. Part of taking thier time is to inspect all the components that came in the kit before assembly (which I’m glad they did because I didn’t catch the piston problem). The piston problem either happened during manufacturing or in shipping direct from Probe. Brian said that sometimes the piston skirts are damaged in shipping which isn’t all that uncommon. What happens is the piston skirts get squeezed inward (usually the ones in the corner of the box) and force the piston to be out of round. Below is a pic of the bad piston they found and although it was bad enough to not be installed its difficult to see the distortion without measuring:

Another thing that slowed them down was me trying to decide on which brand of internal parts to use as they came to a particular part of the engine. This of course included time to ship, etc. I eventually decided on ARP main studs with provisions for girdle and windage tray, the Ford F303 cam, brass freeze plugs, Ford Racing dampner, Speed-Pro file-fit piston rings, Ford double roller timing chain, and a bunch of other stuff I cant remember. There was also the time taken for block machining as described in one of my previous posts.

So after all was said and done I brought it home and put it in the living room :) . Below is a pic right after it came home and I threw it on the engine stand.

I’ve got a bunch more planning to do before I figure out what to do next, most of which will be to figure out what kind of heads to get.