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All forged internals :)

Now that I had the block it was time to start looking for that stroker kit. I wont bore you with the search details, but I knew I wanted all forged internals, I wanted a big stroker, i.e. 347, and I wanted it to be relatively inexpensive. I ended up finding a really good 347 stroker kit on JD’s Performance website for $1400 to my door. It consists of:

  • Ford Performance Solutions forged 4340 H Beam rods with ARP fasteners
  • Ford Performance Solutions forged 4140 nitrated crankshaft
  • Probe SRS lightwieght 4340 forged dish pistons (4.030″)
  • Clevite bearings
  • Moly ringsBelow is a picture right after they arrived:

    I was very impressed that I was able to get it for such a good price. The guy on the phone at JD’s said the special was limited to a quantity of 10 for promotion reasons. I was happy to get the nitrated crank, which for those who dont know is a chemical treatment/process that adds a protective layer on the molecular level equivalent to a hardening which also help reduce the coefficient of friction. The only downside is the rings ended up being some garbage chinese stuff which wouldnt have worked in a turbo application anyway (couldnt take the heat).

  • Sportsman block

    I dropped by Lamotta Performance a few weeks ago and spoke with Jake Lamotta about some details involving me getting on the dyno. I believe he quoted me $60 for 3 pulls, no more than 30 minutes long, and I would have to scheudle it a week or two in advance.

    While I was there I mentioned my big plans and that I still needed to get a block. It just so happened that one of his customers was selling a brand new Ford Racing 5.0L/302 HD “Sportsman” Block, part# M-6010-B50.

    He purchased it for $950 from Powered by Ford and didnt need it anymore, and was willing to take a $150 hit! So I called him up and offered him $800 and he accepted. A few days ago I picked it up, and now it sits on my back porch waiting for some friends (you know, pistons, rods, etc…). So begins my unexpected journey into modding the engine.

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